Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I have been looking for a new suggestion to help us all out, but in looking back through all this stuff I think I should just pick out some important ones.

Time the line.  One of the four things to check before each start.  Not only will it give you a good idea about how to get to the other end if the wind changes, but a feel for how much distance you go in a certain time and how to position yourself with the rest of the fleet.  Sail other little distances and guess how much time and then check it.   Dennis Conner was always guessing and checking time and distance.

Try it.  Everyone needs better starts.

Saturday, August 27, 2011



The fellow above is having FUN because he just won this third world championship or something like that. Not many of us can do that, so here is my list of ways to help be “sure” that you have fun.

1. Smile

2. Expect it to be fun.

3. Dress right

4. Bring food and drink as appropriate.

5. Sunscreen- cloths, hat, sunglasses.

6. In adverse conditions, do what you are able and a little more (to expand your ability) then drop out if it is too much. Drop out happy. (Man, I don’t have to keep doing this.)

7. Say hello to friends.

8. Say hello to non-friends.

9. Give someone a little help.

10. Do a good deed that no one knows about.

11. Help others do the odd jobs.

12. Say hello to as many fleet members as you can.

13. Come early.

14. Stay late.

15. Leave any time you need to.

16. If there is someone that you don’t like, visit with him or her.

17. Show up. You can’t have fun sailing if you stay home.

18. If you have a “bad time”, start a sailing blog. It will be good material.

Now think about these things that light up the please centers in the brain. (“The Compass of Pleasure” David Linden)

Legal                                             Illegal

Caffeine                                         Cocaine

Alcohol                                          Morphine

Nicotine                                          Heroin

Food--- fatty, sweet, and salty

Actions                            Sex

                                       Gambling #

                                       Aerobic exercise #

                                       Relief of pain



                                       Anonymous charitable giving

                                       Positive social interaction. #

                                       Pleasure in new abstract ideas

                                      Maslow flow. #

# Perhaps present in sailing.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Marit Bouwmeester  sails away with it at Weymouth.
Note the supervang, not much Cunningham, outhaul fairly tight,  Zhik but look at those arms (no tiny girl), Clear start on the mast,  200,ooo boat with polished bottom.

When you pile the hair on top of your head, it helps you hold the boat down when you hike hard.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This is Molly Forbes, granddaughter of friends in central Florida and member of U of Wisconsin sailing team. 
She is helping Andy Burdick win the A scow regatta in Minnesota.

  Hey Molly, this is not a Laser.  Sit in just a little.  The scows need to heel up, reduce the wetted surface and get on the narrower round leeward chine.