Thursday, July 19, 2012


 Look at that picture! Aren’t you glad you sail a laser? 

Somehow this sailing business has to do with ‘fun” or just being happy.  If you look down the left side bar, you will find I have 52 posts on fun.  Check out the August 27, 2911 post which is a pretty good one.

Shawn Achor, Harvard Professor, tells us that if you are happy, you work faster and smarter at about everything. That is compaed to being neutral or sad. He doesn’t mention sailing.  They haven’t tested that yet, but he will probably think so.

Shawn has a 21 day program that goes like this. 

Every day for 21 days.

!) Write down three things you are happy about.  Try and keep them different every day.

2) Journal an activity that made you happy in the past 24 hours... this will help you remember it.

3) Exercise at least ½ hour every day.

4) Meditate.  To clear your brain of all confusing thoughts and multitasking Junk.

5) Record one thing that you did to help another.  Open a door for them. Pick up trash that wasn’t yours.  Write a note to thank someone.

I found that number one was easy except after a few days I was repeated something.  Try to keep them all new.

Number two was fun to do and turn out to be mostly about sailing because I can do a little of that every day.

Number three reminded me to get the exercise in.  Get the happy hormones working!

Number four was hard for me.  Usually I just stopped writing, closed my eyes, focus on my breathing and spent a few minutes then.  Better to do it twice a day 5 or 10 minutes at a time.

Number five required some new thinking.  I do things for people, but it is random.  Now I am looking for things to do to help every time I am out and about.

AM I HAPPIER NOW?    I was really pretty happy before.  IT WAS “FUN” ANYWAY.


I REALLY JUST WANT HAVE MORE FUN SAILING.  Yes, maybe a little faster, but if you get really good you just have other problems.

You can “Google” Shawn Achor and see one of his videos. Worth a look and he is funny..

Monday, July 2, 2012


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    This is Alejandro checking the bottom of his boat.   I put this in because I can't figure out
      how to get my David Dellenbaugh picture in here.   I probably have your attention.

The last ”Speed and Smarts” skipped telling us about the finish in the last race with Greg Fisher in 24th and David D. in 25th.  Before that race David D. was winning the series if he could throw out his worse race, a 22.--- but he had to throw out the 25 and that put him in second with Greg Fisher in first.               I e-mailed “S and S” asked what happened and have had no answer.  I hope that David D. dose a “S and Smarts” on that subject.

All the good guys keep track of the score in a long series and know who they have to beat to stay ahead or get ahead.

The last race may turn into a match race thing or a team race activity in a fleet race situation.

Usually the first shots are in the prestart, with one boat trying to chase the other away from the line so both can be very late.  That didn’t seem to happen as David had a fairly good start except for one fellow that tacked under him just before the start.  Was that Greg?   Then David was taking a lot of bad air and took a lot of sterns trying to get free air.  But did that get him down to 25 by the end of the race and Fisher a 24.  Fisher must have been messing with him around the course.

Maybe there is some question of “sportsmanship” to throw match racing into a fleet racing, but it is regularly done and not outlawed by current racing rules.  The team racing that I mentioned above is referred to action that slows another boat so other boat can get ahead.  Team racing as such with a second boat interfering with a competitor so that another boat will win has been ruled illegal.

Certainly many times a person will cover another for reason of a short or long series and let another boat, which is no threat in the scoring go off uncovered.   I have personally won several races because the first two boats are covering each other and let me have the last wind shift.

For a moment I feel like a real winner and then you realize what happened.  They let me have it.