Tuesday, May 12, 2009


1. Forget the crew.
2. Race regularly, sail for fun or hang it up in the garage.
3. New vang, out haul and Cunningham system make it easier to sail.
4. Multiple rigs adjusts to skipper weight or wind strength.
5. At Lake Eustis, Florida we race in the morning and leaves the afternoon free.
6. At Lake Eustis we have 11 year olds sailing against 80 year olds.
7. Six to ten minutes to get the boat rigged or to put it away.
8. Half or less of the cost, unless you do Sunfish or Optimist pram.
9. Most popular adult and youth sailing boat .Current world wide number 190,000.
10. Racing around the Florida, your state, around USA, around the world. And in the Olympics.
11. Six continents and 122 countries.
12. Local help available lots of places and in Eustis.
13. Books, DVD and Clinics about how to sail the Laser.
14. Race during the Summer, frost bite or come South and sail with us in the Winter..
15. Boat is a "hoot" to sail.
16. Pile the whole family on board.
17. If you come by Lake Eustis, we will loan you a boat.
18. Tell your neighbors you sail the Olympic Boat.

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  1. It is not a good idea to even think of buying one of the many different types of small sailing boats if you have not actually hit the water and experienced any for yourself. When it comes to boats, it is best to experience them first hand to see how they really work and perform, and to see if it is the perfect fit for you. Nothing beats actual experience when you want to evaluate the capacity and the power of a sail boat. It is also a good idea to see what the popular boats are in your local sailing club.