Saturday, December 5, 2009


Meka Taulbee sent us two DVDs. One is from the 2007 and 2008 Seminars at Clearwater, Florida. 82 minutes of drills, tacks, gybes, mark rounding. All the stuff, many of it wrong, but with Kurt's Comments. The "Sail with out a rudder" is really worth seeing and many other little comments about how to do things better. It is an interesting look at that side of boat handling. Kurt has done a 5 day Seminar here in Eustis, Florida and is well thought of. Tillerman attended at least one in Clearwater and was impressed. Some of the stuff I stole from Kurt and is in the blog.
The other is "Daring Downwinds-- Clearwater Pass". When the tide is ripping out the pass and a big sea breeze is coming in this is a crazy place to be sailing and you get to see them doing it, and not doing it. Big wipe outs. If anyone finds out what happened when it look to me like a Laser hit the bridge and Kurt says "Oh, my God", and then switches to sailor, let me know.

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