Wednesday, May 19, 2010


C.J. broke the rubber connector between the tiller and tiller extension. 
He had to drop out of the rest of the day's racing.
We missed him.

Long time Laser sailor Randy Rea from Crystal River, Florida told us several lyear ago to wrap about 2 feet of light line around the back end of the hiking strap to use for various repairs.
Tie the tiller extension on with a rolling hitch or camel hitch or or just wraps and two half hithes should do the job.  Hang in there. Sail the races.

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  1. I have heard advice that you can sail with just a length of line to replace the tiller extension. I've never tried it but I guess the theory is that with slight weather helm you are always pulling the extension slightly not pushing it, so a line would work OK.

    Verification word: madia. Mad mania. What Laser sailors have.