Friday, June 11, 2010


Lasers go to regattas.

Tillerman report a lot of fun on a “no wind” day at a regatta. He had a chance to visit more with local and visiting sailors.

A. I., one of our lake sailors went to the coast to a regatta and was astonished by the wave actions and problems with them both upwind and down wind.

A hundred years ago when I lived in Springfield, Illinois and we sailed on a small lake. We went to Peoria and Alton, Illinois to sail in the current of the Illinois River, to Louisville, Kentucky to be in the current of the Ohio river and to Winnetka, Illinois to sail in the waves of Lake Michigan.

You learn a lot visiting other clubs. They handle the races a little different. You meet some other sailors with some different ideas. You make new friends. You meet folks that go to a lot of regattas and people that always stay at home.

If you go to their regatta, they are more likely to come to yours. The number of sailors on the same course gets larger, more exciting and more complicated..

You will be sailing in lighter winds and in stronger winds, as you match up with more experienced sailors.

Get your lights fixed on the trailer. The bottom cover for your boat. The check list for things to take and use it when you pack to come home.

When you get home you can apply you new knowledge. Better racing. More fun.