Saturday, December 18, 2010


We are still in the Buddy Melges Book-"Sailing Smart".   We have just covered the three times to slow up.  The rest of the time sail fast.  It can make up for a lot of dumb moves as long as you are not sailing fast in the wrong direction.  
Before Buddy does any of these other things he gets the boat over and works on the bottom.  Get the scratches out.  Really fine wet sanding and a soft block, never just with your fingers. Then rubbing compound with a soft cloth.  He wants to do it himself, so he know when he gets in the boat he has the best bottom in the fleet.  Then he polishes the mast and boom and cleans the stays.  He is not sure that reducing windage makes any difference, but he wants to be sure that his boat is better than any of the others.
Do you have the best prepared boat in the fleet?


  1. I figure that if I have the worst prepared boat in the fleet then I can take some satisfaction in not being DFL, even if only by a couple of places.

    If I had the best prepared boat in the fleet I wouldn't have any excuse not to win, and then I would be miserable even if I were 2nd or 3rd.

    Remember it's not whether you win or lose, it's whether you get to the bar first.

  2. This is listed as brain stuff. If you have the best bottom, the right gear, a good sail, then you have no excuse not to push to the front. Get it done and then push to the start and improve your position knowing you should be as fast ans the others.