Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I come across a Laser sailor occasionally coiling up his sheet like the one above.  That means that he has put a half turn into each loop as he added it to the coil.  No big deal for a ten foot length, but any
thing over 20 feet it means a lot of twists-- that means kinks--- and now the sheet won't
run through all the blocks.

So if you just reach out for each loop with your hand open, and add it to the coil with out a twist, you should have one figure eight coiled on top of the next one.
Now there are no twists that you  have put in and the sheet should run fine. 

Happy Sailing



  1. Hey Sam,
    How about some advise/ideas about what people do to keep all that mainsheet organized in the bottom of the cockpit

  2. When I get that figured out, I will tell you all about it. Right now may best advice is to get all the twists out of the sheet and tie the end to the front end of the hiking strap. That should prevent more twists from getting into the line. Then try to keep the sheet all kicked to the front of the cockpit. The big problem comes when you go around the windward mark and try to sheet out to get hard by the lee before the folks in front and behind you do the same. If you have a chance, pull some of the sheet out on the side deck in front of you so it will be ready to run. Then knee or foot up on the deck in front of that sheet and the other foot NOT on the sheet in the cockpit. Turn hard to by the lee and push the boom out. I use a small diameter sheet a lot of the time and I think that helps.

    Maybe we can get some other thoughts.