Thursday, March 22, 2012


Sam has been too busy sailing and stuff to get much on the blog.  Sorry about that.  I think of a lot of things, but most of it is already up here some place.  Look down at the left -- pick out a category and go for it.  This is our Wednesday night report.

 Wednesday we had gusty winds and the Nagy Family spiced up the Wednesday night sailing.  Chris Nagy rigged a Radial as did Tom Jennings and Sam Chapin. Jackie Nagy rigged her Opti and with Monica Nagy in the committee boat with Dennis Oldham (the guy that hates Lasers and already spent too much time in the motor boat last week) we were off to short high wind races.  Dennis is calling times to the start.
If we have any advice it is the old stufff.  1. Take the long tack first. 2. When that approaches not being the long tack, think hard about an excuse to get back toward the middle.  3. Delay going to the lay line.  4.  When the wind is up in smooth water, the laser tacks in less than 90 degrees. 5. If you heel much, the bow will want to turn the boat up wind and you need to keep pulling on the rudder to go straight.  So stay pretty flat- hike and/or ease the sheet. 6. Downwind by the lee is a little more stable, but don't let the boom out to more than about 70 degrees. 7. Straight downwind will be slower and may rock you back and forth as wind tries to go right and then left around your sail. 8. When you gybe, roll a little to windward to help you turn, cross the boat quickly and turn back downwind -- the S turn.
Wednesday sailing from 5 to 7PM.

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