Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Two things happened this weekend that suggests this post today, although it is pretty much a repeat.    My knee is still sore and my tacks were lousy losing a lot every time I tacked with some one and when I didn't tack on the small wind shifts I lost a lot on that.  The better tacks get you ahead and the bad ones behind.

The second thing was my copy of Buddy Melges' book "Sailing Smart" was returned from a loan and it is in that book he tells about practicing fro the Olympics.  He would start out with 50 tacks and then 50 gybes.  WOW!

When was the last time you did 50 tacks in practice?


  1. I did 50 tacks last month in practice.

    Spread over 10 days to be sure, but I still did 50 tacks.

  2. You are about as bad as me. When I practice tacks I get to about 5 and do something else.
    So now we know why we are still middle of the fleet folks.