Monday, February 16, 2009

If you are new to this blog, read the Primary Laser Advice down below for general info. This post is some repeat that comes from todays Laser notes.

We have a youth that is learning not to go to the corners or the lay line early. If you get headed, the others tack and beat you. If you get lifted, those below you get lifted up to the mark. Now you can free up a little, ans try to sail faster and beat them to the mark. Probably not fast enough to make up for the shift.

AND at the windward mark to get the boom out and go "by the lee" (fast) on starboard and aim for the inside at the next mark.

AND when you are on a reach and pass someone to windward, you are on the same tack (windward boat) and need to keep clear (We used to call it a passing lane.). Some of our older folks are still working on that.

AND then on the high wind reaching legs keep working the vang with the changes in wind speed.

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