Monday, February 23, 2009

The blanket and pass.....

I recently had a little deal with a Laser guy coming close by to windward to take my wind and pass. When that happens you need to give them enough of a luff so they remember you. They probably don’t remember the old days when we luffed people hard that came by to windward to blanket our wind and pass. Under the old rules you could push your board down and come head to wind as quick as you could. You would hope they would hit you and you could leave them doing penalty turns and you go back to your race. We used to talk about the "passing lane", up three or four boat lengths to windward that where the boat being passed wouldn’t be tempted to luff you up. Maybe get you on their hip and head to China (or Africa– East Coast or West Coast).
With our sailing by the lee thing, the new Lasers have turned that upside down. When by the lee, as soon as you are far enough over to take the wind of a "by the lee boat" now he is the "windward boat" (because of the side the boom is on) and he has to keep clear. So when going by the lee with someone close behind you need to go "hard by the lee" so they will not be tempted to go for your wind without gybing (that puts them on port tack).

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