Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I was checking the report card on the Laser Mid Winter Championship East. (clwyc.org)
The Laser Radial with 108 entries sailing in two fleets and finished 10 races.
Paige Railey had inserted herself above Anna Tunnicliffe for the first time in a while, but only by a few points.
I will give you a little run down (a couple of these numbers may be off , but not much).
After 10 races.
1) Paige 15 Average place 1.5
2) Anna 23 2.3
3) Ben Koppelar (Netherlands) 46
4) Alex Andersen (Junior BVI) 65
5) Chris Barnard (Junior Newport Harbor YC -California) 66
6) Ian Heausker (Junior Davis Island) 68
7) Lisa Ross (Adult, female, Canada) 76
8) Emily Billings (Adult, female, Clearwater) 76
9) Colin Smith (LESC coach) 89
18) Michael Zonnenberg (Martin’s Grandson) 105 best race a 7.. Not bad- 108 boats.
In the top 12 = 3 adult females, 2 male adults, and 7 juniors. Ladies 1-2 and 7.
If you sail a Laser, this may be the crowd you will run with. Maybe that is why we have the "masters" stuff.
Mid winters East but we let Chris in from California. Well, yes, the Virgin Islands and Netherlands.
Notice how the two top gals got away with the 1-2-3 positions with 50 boats starting. Probably the only time anybody else got first was when they were covering each other. There are videos of the races. They did well coming up wind, but were particularly fast off the wind. I think working the waves both directions. Maybe it is the full time sailing, coaching and completions around the world.
March "Sailing World" came today with an article on the 8 steps to sail better. 1. Sail a lot. 2. With people that are better. 3. With people that are not better. – Help them and that will focus you a little on what you do better. 4. Books, DVD, internet, your own notes–"What I learned today." 5. Get fit– Strength, stamina, flexibility, and agility. 6. Do other sports–cross train (not so sure about that one.) 7. Sail in different positions. This was advice for multi- position boat, but break Laser sailing easily into light wind, medium, and strong wind. All different. 8. Learn the rules. Books, discussions, big fleets.

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  1. These are great suggestions, worth reading, following, and practicing!
    Dick Tillman