Sunday, July 26, 2009

Strategy for the first beat-------

Wind Shifts — 10 degrees gives 25 % of the separation.
Foot to the headers.
Stick with the lifts.
Cross the others when you can.
Don’t let them cross you.
Stay out of the corners.
Delay going to the lay line.
If ahead reduce the separation.
If behind, increase the separation?
Take the long tack first.

Sail the course an hour ahead of race. Big boats record the wind headings.
Little guys can at least get orientation of first mark from the starting area.
Little guys off shore–OK get your compass on.

Windy (pressure) side of the beat.

Shore side. (Shore effect)

Link together patches of dark water in light air.

Persistent shift (the last shift before the windward mark) the big question in long races.

When in doubt in the northern hemisphere work right ( gradient wind coming down will be shifted to the right) and to the left in the southern hemisphere.

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