Friday, July 31, 2009

This is sort of a table of contents for a more detailed article that is only in rough draft now.
Arrive early
Skippers meeting.
Written sailing instructions
Everything together before you leave the shore
Do you need a check list?
Course board at the committee boat.
Get the time signals right
Don’t hit anyone before the start.
Three types of tacks.
Four types of gybes
Sail high and slow
Sail low and fast (bow down)
Vary the heading, down to get speed and dig the blades in and up for height.
Heel to windward to get up wind.
Work on shifts up wind and down wind.
Windward mark rounding.
Leeward mark rounding.
Gybe mark rounding
Stop and go
Stop and hold
Tack on the line and tack back.
Bail out early
30 seconds fast up wind
Entering the zone upwind.
Entering the zone downwind
Shifting gears upwind and downwind
By the lee
Waves upwind
Waves downwind.
360 and 720
Turn downs
Turn overs
Death rolls
Stand up
On the bow
Steer by heeling.
San Francisco roll
Head out of the boat.
Look around 360
Angle of the other boats
Watch the clouds.
Practice all the stuff you will need to do in the race.

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