Thursday, July 8, 2010


We have had two Lasers with holes punched under the roll lip where the flip up on the Seitech Dolly rests. Maybe some one sat on the boat on the dolly with the flippers up? Maybe the cockpit filled with water and that punched it through..

I called Andy Levine at Tackle Shack near St. Pete. He handles the Laser things over there. Has he had any trouble? Oh, yes. When he sets up the dollies for the new boats for charter, he doesn’t put the flippers on. If some one buys them after, he hands them the flippers, so they can put them on if they want.

I have taken my flippers off and will do the same for the LESC youth foundation boats. The repair of the holes is not difficult, but you have to lay down on the ground, or turn the boat over to see the damage, or be looking for the leak into the hull.

Will hanging on the strap deform the hull. I will see. There are no hard spots, so I think it will be fine. The strap is just behind the centerboard trunk, so there is some support.

Does anyone else have some experience?


  1. I've never had a serious problem myself with holes there, just a bit of scratching of the gelcoat under the gunwale. But apparently it is a known issue. You can now buy "cushion caps" to protect the gunwales from damage. See

    From what I understand, one situation in which the flip-ups cause damage is when people use them while transporting the boat on one of those boat-on-dolly-on-trailer set-ups.

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  3. I agree with 香昱信張君林's comment above!

  4. In my days with Lasers, I found the best dolly was a light-weight two-wheeled device which fit into the rudder gudgeons on the transom, coupled with a PFD to cushion the hull.

  5. Mr. 香昱信張君林 apparently said, "Fountain height, no more than its source. The same is true of a person's career, it never achieved more than their letter."

    The first part isn't true if you use a mechanical pump. I have no clue what the second part means so I will disagree with it too because I'm feeling disagreeable today.

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