Saturday, July 31, 2010


To eat or not be eaten.

Chapter 3 Eat your way to faster Laser sailing.

Eat your way to faster sailing?

Eat your way to better health?

Eat your way to better cholesterol, blood sugar, heart, arteries, brain, weight and less cancer!

Take this in two parts. THE FIRST PART is just the general move to vegetarian diet plus fish. This has been noted in places around the world where health is better and people live longer. The Seventh Day Advertises have long been noted for general health and longevity with vegetarian diet and exercise. The sugars need to go. Sugars give a fast push to blood glucose which is not a good thing. Artificial sweeteners are suspect in the long run, so get along without them?

Saturated fat and trans fat need to change to unsaturated fat, like olive oil, corn oil, canola oil. People that are more worried about getting all the essential amino acids, allow some lean meat like chicken and turkey. Whole grain where ever possible.

Probably the strong influence of the industries associated with dairy, meat, cattle, pigs, hamburger, hot dogs, ice cream and candy, the good old American way, has helped suppress this information, but now with the march of obesity and diabetes across the general population the news is out.

THE SECOND PART would be the the overall sailors weight. To weigh more to hold the boat down in windier conditions, then build muscle mass. See Chapter Two.. Strength Building.

To loose weight to be faster down wind and the live healthier and longer life, then do “the first part” plus cut down on the calories taken in. Give up the extra fat. Consider the plan to take in 6 small meals a day to avoid the drastic drop in blood sugar from long times between eating, and the binge eating that often begins with the sugar drop. Count calories because calories count. Push the exercise. So now we have you concentrating on fruits, vegetables and legumes.

Diets rich in Omega 3 fatty acids may help promote emotional balance and positive mood. Studies have shown that people eating more fish have better memory and less dementia. Omega 3 fatty acids are present in fish and thought to be at least part of reason so many fish eating places turn out healthy. Fish also turn up the problem of too much mercury. More Omega 3 in wild salmon, mackerel, and tuna. Maybe you can just work your way through types of fish, but often fish oil supplement is recommended. Then Omega 3 is present in canola and soy bean oil.

Animal studies have shown that 30 % reduction in the food that is given to animals lead to healthier and long lived individual animals. Translate that to human and we have the problem of how much to reduce the food intake. Not to starve, but to live longer and healthier. The people of Okinawa that seem to live the longest and healthiest have a convention of stopping eating when 80% full. The suggestion is at least stay thin. Laser sailors ought to be faster downwind anyway.

So what are the suggestions?

1. Shift toward vegetarian diet.

2. Continue with fish of the Omega 3 type.

3. Fish Oil supplement.

4.Take in less calories.

5. Get thin.

6. Think-- stop eating before full.

7. Eat slow.

8. Don’t skip meals.

9. Get the sugar out.

10. Stay with unsaturated fat.

11. To gain weight, strengthen muscles.

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“Prime-Time Health” by William Sears MD.


  1. If you think any of this is new information, you haven't looked at "Youth in Old Age" by Alexander Leaf MD - 1975.

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