Saturday, September 25, 2010


In our local fleet we had one of those days when the wind was up and down and we needed to shift gears a lot.  In our discussions after racing, Tom McNally who was visiting and had dusted us off pretty well, said he had been adjusting his Cunningham a lot.
Thinking about that lead me to pull the Cunningham line out of the last two turns in the tackle.  It still has plenty of power to set up hard, but less friction, so when I let it off it really goes loose. Nothing new.  Good sailors have been suggesting that for some time. Yes, it really helps.
Tom was doing something else extra also that day, because now my Cunny works a lot better, but am not dusting them off yet.

PS.  Tom just called on the phone about another sailing problem and says he rigs his full for windy days and a turn out on light days.  Something else you can change between races.