Monday, September 20, 2010


Steve Cockerell (the Boat Whisperer) going up wind.  He called the last day of racing at the Masters a "walk in the Park".
John Bertrand struggled to stay in third for the regatta. Read John's blog "Bertrand Racing". Steve had been sailing close by this sight in England in winds in the 28 kt range.  So do you suppose it is just what you are used to doing?  Does practice pay off??

Notice he is sheeted out a foot and a half from the stern.  I think that is a compass on the deck.  He has his watch on this left hand.  Maybe he uses that coming back down the line on port and has another watch on the mast to look at when he is on Starboard.   Anybody know???

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  1. Hi Sam! Nice blog! Just to answer your question about a "walk in the park" verses my blog "Bertrand Racing" commenting on the last day of racing. First of all, being from San Francisco I relish the heavy conditions. However, Steve was sailing in the Radial fleet with a smaller sail and was one of the bigger guys in his group. I had a few heavy weights to contend with on the last day and needed everything I could give to keep the pace upwind. So my struggle was not with the conditions but the competition. It was very gratifying to have such strong competition and finish up strong. I hope to see you in person this winter in Florida.

    All the best