Friday, April 22, 2011


The Eleven best ways to top finishes.

1. Nail the start.
2. Hit the shifts.
3. Keep the pedal down. (Keep sailing fasst)
4. Go to the pressure  (wind).
5. Stay out of the corners.
6. On reaches, high in the lulls and low in the puffs.
7. Inside or behind at the marks.
8. Get in the passing lane if behind.
9. Avoid confrontations-- for for speed.
10. Cover on the beat to the finish.
11. Keep track of your goals  --- to win the race or to win a series, etc.


  1. Quite right. I always find that if I win the start and sail faster than the opposition, I usually win the race. At least the two times in the last thirty years I did that, it worked.

  2. Knowing these is one thing. Executing these is completely different!