Friday, April 29, 2011


Now just after we have been told to get plenty of sleep, this stuff about resting comes to the surface.  If you don't get proper rest after strenuous exercise, the muscles will not build in strength and bulk.  If you exercise too close together, the muscle doesn't have enough tiime to rebuild.

So now sleep and rest --- go to the gym occassionally and sailing occasionally.  

Well, how about FUN.   Maybe do what you like.


  1. I have been using the "sleep a lot and rest a lot" Laser training program for 30 years now. It doesn't seem to be working. Perhaps I'm missing something?

  2. That was quick. I was coming back with more info and Tman has already been here -- and now I can't get signed in--- strange blog here.

    Australian Michael Blackburn, a Laser World Champion and an Olympic
    medalist, also has a PhD in Sports Science. Here he provides tips for
    conditioning the body for sailing:
    1. Overload: You must gradually work the muscles harder and harder to get
    stronger. Gradually add to your training - weight, number of repetitions,
    variety and/or number of sets.

    2. Overhaul: Every 4 weeks or so you should revamp your program to give the
    muscles completely new exercises and loads.

    3. Specificity: Your strength gains are specific to the movements and speed
    of movement you do in training. If you need high arm speed and moderate
    strength to pull up a kite, then your gym training should reflect this
    movement speed and muscle groups used.

    4. Progression & periodisation: Sequence training such that you start with
    a period of building muscles, then move towards very sport-specific
    exercises, loads and movement speeds. As an example, given a period of,
    say, 6 months to develop your strength, begin with 1 build-up month of 3 x
    12-15 reps, followed by 2 months of gradually heavier weights and fewer
    reps to get you really strong (eg 3-4 sets x 6-10 reps). Then turn towards
    endurance with a month of 3 x 15-25 followed with a month of circuit-style
    exercises (40s on, 20s off). Finish with a month of pure strength/endurance
    work - higher reps of very sailing-specific exercises (see below for

    5. Recovery: Allow 48 hours between strength sessions.

    And, talking of sailing, these are the two key things are especially
    important when weight training for sailing:

    1. Include exercises that improve posture, balance, joint stability,
    abdominal and back muscles.

    2. Be prepared to modify and fine tune your training each day to allow for
    not feeling 100%, persistent windy weather (meaning harder on-water
    training) and a desire to add variety.

    Read on:

  4. Whaaat? What's all this about exercises and 3x15-25 and harder on-water training? I liked this post much better when it just about sleep and rest.

    I think I'll take a nap now.

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