Wednesday, May 4, 2011


When learning new skills   1) Understand that you need to fix something.  2) Work out what you are to do and go through it in practice.  3)  Do it enough so that it is "automatic" in your brain and you don't need to think out each step.

Studies have shown that one hour of practice a day followed by the sleeping--- when your brain is making these new connections, is more efficient than just a whole lot of hours on the water. 

Most of us can't sail every day, but it helps to know that even little short sessions help get to the "automatic".


  1. Hi, Sam! Ormond and Lynda from Key West houseboat land. Except that we're now in the North San Francisco Bay area, Richmond to be explicit. I do all my sailing by proxy, get my kicks by motorcycling around the Marin and East Bay hills. Almost rented a J24 a while back, but didn't. Are you gonna come out here for the Big Boat Battle? We've got a long couch! Ormond who is at

  2. Ormond and Lynda. What a strange way to get in touch. No, I will be staying right here in Eustis. A neat place, but not as neat as Key West. Ormond, I miss you when I an trying to fix stuff around the house.

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