Monday, December 26, 2011


You may have read about Brad Funk's problem with the hiking strap coming apart at the Internationals, and in our last local races one of our local sailors, who will remain namelesss at the moment broke the line holding the hiking strap in.  He was just ahead of Sam, so I had a great view of his head first backward fall out of the boat, while the boat turned over the other way.  If we had a video, we could sell admission  to view the fun.
That leads to the list of things to check for wear on your boat.
Hiking strap.
Rudder hold down at the top gudgeon.
Sheet at ratchet block - reverse before wear.
Look for crack in rubber hiking stick attachment.
Traveler at the fair leads - maybe retie bowline
Out haul at the fair lead.

Maybe that is why, people with a big sailing budget just get a new boat every one or two years.

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