Monday, June 24, 2013


This is old stuff but it keeps coming up.  As you are going into the leeward mark, if you have a boat to the left of you with some overlap try to carry them to the left so when you make a sharp right turn to enter the three boat circle (45 feet -  pace that off on shore so you can see what it looks like)  you can call "No Overlap".  Of course if they are on starboard, you will only be able to take what they give you.

If you get caught on the out side do something to slow down so you can follow them around.  Not to close, maybe three or four feet.   You are overtaking boat and as they slow in the turn you have to keep clear.  If they mess up the turn you can sail over them or at least you can tack when you are ready.  To slow down, sharp turns work  best.  If you get caught on the outside of the turn you will have bad air and not able to tack.

Now if you have a long weather leg, sail the course.  If it is a short beat to finish, then quick decide if you can beat the guy ahead and split with him or do you need to stay ahead of someone behind, then cover them..

Every race we learn something new or old.


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  2. Thank you, Amanda. This stuff keeps coming up in our local fleet. I will try to get a light wind note up later today... that was last weeks problems.