Tuesday, June 11, 2013


A friend told me today that he had been writing down the good and bad things he did during our races.
I looked through my primary advice to pick out the most important--- I can't decide.  There are so many things about sailing a Laser that you need to know. 
So this is what my friend had for Sunday.  1) Get the vang off before the windward mark. He didn't and got in trouble.  To turn down wind when the wind is up you need to ease the sheet and heel the boat to weather to help the turn,  If you have much vang on this old man tries to get it off before I get to the mark.  You are sailing fast and want to have it off before you reached the mark.
2) Enter the leeward mark wide so you can pass by the leeward mark close enough to touch it and be close hauled. He picked up a boat there because he had been practicing the leeward mark rounding.
So help yourself, there is a lot to learn AND TO PRACTICE.


  1. Bearing away definitely takes preparation - and you have to be careful after a hard beat not to think - Oof, now I can stop hiking and relax a little - nope, it takes extra concentration to prepare and execute.

  2. KR, that is what the practice if for. Going into mark. vang off, sheet out, hike hard to get some roll to windward. Do it often enough that there is not much thinking.