Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1 Get with it. This is your big chance to show you can sail the boat! Anyone can tack with the shifts and keep going if they are out ahead. In any long series, your worst races are the one that will eat you up. Anyone can win from the front.
2. Bow down and sail fast.
3. Stay with the big shifts.
4.Clear lane when possible.
5.Stick with the big lifts and tack out for the clear lane on the medium shifts.
6. Tell tails flowing on both sides of the sail.
7. Boat flat or healed to windward.
8. If pinned, widen out to leeward and tack to escape across the stern.
9. Go to the starboard tack layline a little early if you are still in traffic.
10. Downwind- stay in the wind lane.
11. Downwind- stay out of groups.
12. Downwind- work hard, weight forward, big heel to weather.
13. Downwind- by the lee or broad reach with transition in between.,
14. Downwind- look for waves to surf or to sail around.
15.. Downwind- work to the inside.
16. Downwind - if outside slow up to get behind.
17. It is a 3 boat length circle this year.
18. Outhaul and Cunningham set up before the excitement of the three boat length circle.
19. Call for the overlap and no overlap early and loud.
20. Make a great leeward mark rounding and do the "short beat to the finish thing".

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