Sunday, June 14, 2009

Occasionally we fall behind in helping newbe Laser folk get going in the boat. So here is
Laser Coaching 101 that every one should know,,,,
A 1. Let’s get the hand exchange down!
2 When tacking, back foot over the toe strap first and the strap on elastic so it is off the bottom of the cockpit.
3. Long tiller extension carried in front of sailor with "microphone grip". (Easier tacking than with the from the "frying pan grip" from behind the helmsman.
4. Boat moving before the tack. That makes the rudder work.
5. Tack coming out near 90 degrees. Maybe looking at a spot on shore until you get a feel for it.
B. Two handed trim of the sheet. Long pulls with sheet hand and then tiller extension hand.
C Boat flat going up wind.
D Tell tails flowing on both sides of the sail.
1. Especially the far side of the sail.
2. If you can’t see the far side, then turn up wind just a little till the windward one begins to lift and then bear off slightly.
E Down wind
1. Heel to windward.
2. Weight forward.
3. Boom out 90 degrees or more.
4. By the Lee or broad reach, not straight down wind.
F Gybe
1. Trim about 2 feet of sheet in from just down from the forward boom block when the boom comes over.
2. Or trim BIG on the sheet as the boom comes over. (To start sheet over the stern and away from the transom.)
3. High wind– Trim from boom out 60 degrees, move to the other side quickly and S turn back to broad reach.
4. Light wind you can reach out and catch both sheet parts coming from the traveler block and pull that over your head..
G Tactical leeward mark rounding.
1. Outhaul and Cunningham set up for up wind before the three boat length circle.
2. Board down.
3. Enter wide and exit close.
4. Trim the sheet with long quick pulls with both hands and head up to close hauled course even it you are luffing the sail during the turn.
5. Gybe before mark rounding if possible.
6. Gybe with the rounding if necessary.,
7. You can not practice leeward mark rounding too much.
H. 360 and 720
1. Good boat handling practice and you will need them sometime.
2. Going upwind quick gybes and can take more time with tacks.
3. Going downwind quick tacks and can tack more time with the gybes.
4. Practice the 360 and 720 separately and be sure you count the tacks and gybes and come out going fast the way you want to be going.

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