Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Another response to Tillerman blog. This may stay in the Blog because it is a little more like real Laser sailing. Tillerman is telling us blow by blow and tack and puff and luff around the course in his frostbite races. He hates that big pile up of port and starboard tackers at the windward mark..

Ho, tillerman, that is the whole thing about sailing if you can nail the start and get a clear lane, sail fast, then you can tack on the shifts and cross’em and stay ahead. Ride the lift into the mark and leave everyone behind.

If you get caught in the middle of the fleet you will all be trying to round the mark together with everyone else.. If you hang onto the port lay line because you are riding a lift, fine come in of port and find the hole behind a starboard tacker. If you go to the starboard lay line early then you have to ride whatever the last windshift is coming in. The fellow that rode the lift to the port tack lay line may just come in and tack under you. Often who ever gets the last shift is on top. It is a gamble, like pulling cards in a poker game. In the middle of the fleet, remember, it is going to be a gamble to the mark. If you are last– no problem, port or starboard take your choice. Just like the fellow that is clear ahead.

Even the good guys sometimes muff the start, can’t find a lane and get caught going for the lucky card of the last wind shift at the windward mark.

Control the boat, practice the starts, the tacks, the gybes, but don’t get mad at the middle of the fleet thing. Those other guys are there with you. Smile and look of room to get around.

It takes practice to get better. Sail just the races, if that is all you have time for. Log your good and your bad and review before the next race. Hire a coach. Attend a clinic. Build your strength. Build your endurance. Have a good time. You are in good company. It is thin at the top. It is just a game –not life.

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