Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Light Air tips – some stolen from Tony Rey SW June 2008. Some of us read those old sailing magazines.

Sail to the pressure. Get some good polarized sun glasses that help you see the ripples on the water. Stand up now and then for a look around. Practice standing up and still sailing fast with control of the boat.

Be careful of the middle as the new wind may be coming in from the sides.,

Sail the long gybe first Tony says, but Lasers want to stay on starboard and work the long “ by the lee” or the long “broad reach”. Stay away from dead down wind. Do your transitions from by the lee to broad reach with plenty of heel to steer the boat. It is legal to steer by rolling even if it makes you go faster.

When in doubt, heat it up by sailing higher on the runs.

Smooth turns. Use less rudder.

Going down wind sit forward with lots of heel to windward to get the sail up. When very light get the boom forward of 90 degrees so that the heel and gravity holds the boom out.

Going upwind when it is really light, reduce wetted surface (you are not making waves any more)so get up on the centerboard with weight to lee so you get some heal. How far forward? The rules say you can’t sail from in front of the mast, so somebody was sailing from up there and making it work.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR VICTORIES. “Maxim Victories by Minimizing the Risks”– Morgan Reeser SW Jna2009

1. Shoot for top 1/3 at the top mark.

2. Pass more boats than pass you.

3. No DSQ, OCS, DNFs

4. Sail to the pressure (wind).

5. Long tack first from the middle of the course.

6. Headed or lifted.

7. Best side?

8. Where is the fleet?



  1. hey thanks for the great article!! I just had one question you said "When in doubt, heat it up by sailing higher on the runs," I have always had a bit of trouble sailing in light air. I know a lot of sailors talk about hitting those by the lee angles and some even go as far to say that u should try and stay by the lee as much as you can. So I guess which is faster in light air??? When do you know when to head up a bit or take it by the lee???

    Thnks :)

  2. also what does

    Long tack first from the middle of the course.