Wednesday, March 10, 2010



 A) I understand that Tillerman is figuring to be the first Laser to sail around the world. He will do it singlehanded. First find one of those old zippy luff things with the halyard so he can lower the sail and leave the mast up. Then fit that sail with grommets so when it is down it can be rigged over the boom as a tent. He sails at night so he can dodge the merchant vessels. He tents during the day with a radar reflector hoisted on his halyard. He hopes the merchant vessels can see and miss him during the day.

Storage of food and water may be a trouble, but he is planning a 6 months trial of drinking a small about of sea water every day and gradually cutting back on the food and fresh water, but not the sea water. Then after the 6 months his body had adapted to only sea water. Problem solved.. When the wind is blowing the wrong way he will ride to his sea anchor.

A stupid idea..

B) Let us try to sail around the world at the equator. What is all that “sail around Antarctica” and call it a race around the world. If you are sailing around the world, do it around the world, not just a continent. A stupid idea.

C) Sail around the world, non-stop–the longest. Yes, the winner is the one that stays out the longest. Anyone can hurry back home before the ship sinks or the sharks eat him.

That’s a better idea?

D) Maybe a match race to see how slow you can sail around the world. We can have it covered on TV and award prize money.

E) Wait another year or two till most of the ice melts and then sail “around the world “ at the North Pole in about 5 minutes. How about those things for dumb ideas?


  1. I suggest we put together a paypal site to sponsor Tillerman on his Laser adventure!

    Failing that remind ourselves how the Top Yacht team approached that goal: