Thursday, August 19, 2010


Laser Sailor’s Life Coach Chapter 6...

This is a tricky chapter, because there is evidence that a small amount of alcohol may be good for longevity, but it is not clear how this is achieved. Is it some kind of stress reduction? Years ago the message was one drink was good, but more than that got quickly much worse. Now we have a suggestion of two drinks for males and one drink for female. More drinks than this quickly loses any advantage and sharply fall into various health and social problems.

This activity that was once against the law because of the bad effects.

This activity is still against the law for a certain age group. Then on a birthday, it shifts from being against to the law because it is so dangerous, and now maybe we can recommend a little on a regular basis.

How about bing drinking as apposed to one drink a day. I don’t know of any studies, but imagine it to be very dangerous, particularly when joined to operation of boats, cars and machinery. And if it is combined with other drugs.

Alcohol can be lethal in one big dose, but fortunately in that amount, there is enough irritation of the stomach that the subject can’t keep in down. Saved by vomiting.

Under the influence of alcohol we think we are smarter, but testing shows immediate deterioration of knowledge , judgement and coordination.

The problem in private and social situations is that a second and third drink are offered and/or pushed.

The social setting encourages more drinking . A sober or more sober participant may have a hard time staying connected to a drinking group.

Alcohol is an addicting and dangerous drug. Once addicted, withdrawal can lead to dangerous reactions, seizures and death.

“Black outs” can occur with regular drinking in that one doesn’t remember what happened during a drinking period. I had a friend, that after a period of sobriety, was so happy because he can now remember who he had a fight with last night and where he left his car.

An addicting dangerous drug. Life coach recommends “none” as the safest answer. I would not recommend small doses of any addicting and lethal drug.

Where does that leave the “dark and stormy” sailing community? I think they are seriously at risk.



  1. Dihydrogen monoxide hoax
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    I had to look it up. DHMO is water by a different name. I am not sure about the numbers, but lots of people do drown. Wear your life jacket and hang on to the sheet. that may be another chapter and I will never get done.

  2. Sailing is my addiction. And I'm not stopping. Not until it kills me. Until then & for now? I think I'll have another Heineken!