Tuesday, November 30, 2010


First a little report on the weather in central Florida.  80 degrees out today and it is going to be 60 tomorrow.  So this is the last warm day of the year and I was able to get some Laser sailing in this afternoon.

Well if you had a jib, you could have the crew back it while you eased the main to slow up, so not to be over the line at the start.   In the Laser it is luff up, vang off, and back the sail by pushing on the boom if necessary.  Bow even with people around you.  A little room to leeward if you can arrange it.  Heal to lee so you can get a pump in when your time is expiring, vang on and sheeting in.

I know this in old stuff, but we hit the slow up button from Buddy and just trying to touch the three slowups that I know.

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