Friday, November 19, 2010


After the start, Buddy Melges will scallop to windward.  Head downwind just a bit to gain speed and then with more water moving over keel or board, he heads up a little to pinch to windward.  The boat to leeward will limit how far down he can head to gain speed, but then he pinches up to clear them and to free his wind.  When he has headed down to gain speed, he is footing out away from the boat to windward and then pinches up to deflect air into the wrong side of their sails.

Keep the boat flat and sail fast for that first minute or so after the start to work a clear lane.  Then look for a header or opportunity to tack and consolidate your lead (Oops, that is the next hint.)

Sure, this is old stuff.  Many people will be doing it.  You just need to try to do it better.  Practice??


  1. Wow. I knew about scalloping in keel boats but I had never heard of that advice for a dinghy as light as a Laser before.

    Verification word: gentslet. What gentleman sailors do when allowing another boat room at the mark.

  2. But if the other boat is not entitled, it's gensletsin.