Thursday, November 25, 2010


It is Thanksgiving Day and I am thank full that I will be able to go down to the lake and sail a Laser with a son and a granddaughter.  And I still have time for this blog.

We are still working on Buddy Melges's book and suggestions.   Working up from the last bit on the windward leg, he wants to delay going to the starboard tack lay line at the windward mark.  You save the wind shifts till the end, but now you  may face a long string of starboard tackers going to the mark. 

When he is looking for a gap to tack into, he does not bear off and sail down the line.  That is the wrong direction and makes the turn into the tack too much and too slow.  Just ease the sheet, slow the boat and wait till the gap comes to you.  This is the second of three times during the race that you should slow up.

Also if you can arrange it, come in on port tack more than three boat lengths from the mark to preserve some of you rights around the mark by entering the ZONE on starboard.

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