Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Thanks, John Payne, for this neat photo of Laser action.

One of the Sailing World hot shots tells us to read Buddy Melges's "Sailing  Smart" book.  I have an old copy and was able to find it in the midst of a collection of other sail fast type of books.

They were  right.  It is worth keeping under your pillow so you look up stuff.  Lots of Jib trim stuff, that I can skip these days, but then when he goes out to practice---- starts out with 50 tacks and 50 gybes.. 

Wow.  I loose count after about 17.   Last week we had some big wind and big shifts along with colder weather (40 degrees at night and 55 during the day, frostbitters) and I sure needed some better boat handling.  Things get harder when you are moving faster.

OK, Buddy.  First I have to practice counting to fifty.

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