Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Several weeks ago I saw a new way to help get a boat up.  The lake we sail on is about 10 to 12 feet deep with very sticky mud in the bottom.
.  Vince had turned over with the mast stuck in the mud and the boat to windward so the force of the wind was pushing the mast in deeper.  Vince was not able to right the boat and what we have done in the past was for a second person to turn over his boat nearby and swim over to the first boat and then two people pulling on the centerboard usually could right the boat.  Then the two get in the righted boat and chase the second boat down and right that one.   Sam sailed around trying to think of some other way to help and then settled for waiting for the ‘big boys” (Dave and Rob) to come.   Dave arrived and tried a couple of things (wind is blowing pretty good) then he got Vince up to the bow of Vince’s boat and told him to hold his bow and grab Dave’s traveler line at the stern as he sailed by. Then Dave sailed by closehauled just to windward of the bow of Vince's boat.  Vince grabbed to traveler rope and hung on.  The bow was pulled around to windward so the wind was blowing the boat away from the mast stuck in the bottom.   It worked. Vince and the wind righted the boat.  Not too much mud on the sail and everyone well and happy.


  1. That's a good tip! Sometimes one person at the bow can swim it round into the wind even without the help from another boat.

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