Monday, April 30, 2012


Several weeks ago Rob put in two extra marks on our windward leeward course to give us some reaches and ponts of mandatory gybes.
On the diagram W is the windward mark.
1 is a beam reach.
A is a gybe mark.
2 is a broad reach.
B is a gybe mark.
3 is a broad reach
P is the pin mark of the starting line. Leave it to port.
4 is a run.
L is the leeward mark.
5 is the beat to the finish.

When the wind is up it is an exciting course.  Slide to the back of the cockpit to get the bow up and over the waves and then gybe at the gybe marks.  Then one more gybe before the leeward mark.
You might want to try it.  Yes, it may tend to be the parade of the old triangle course, but adds the excitement of the reaches.


  1. This would be a very good course for dinghies with asymmetrical spinnakers.

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