Monday, April 16, 2012


To sailo fast look at your tell tails.   Windward and leeward both flowing that is low and fast.  Windward one lifting and leeward flowing that is pinching up a little and sailing aq little slower.
Leeward lifting and you are stalling and going slower as well as lower.

When the wind is light and you can't see the leeward tell tail because the sun is on the windward side of the sail, you can head up a liitle till the windward lifts a little and then head back down.

In those conditions you can stallout and not realize it.  Check every now and then if there is any question.


  1. Are tell tails tails that tell? What tails do tell tails tell? If tell tails tell tales then should they be called tell tails or tell tales or tale tails? Or to put it another way, how many tales would a tell tail tell if a tell tail could tell tales?

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