Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We have been practicing starts.  You can look down on the left side of this blog and I have 27 other thoughts about getting a good start.   It is still hard to do and when you get caught in the second or third row---what now?

1. Get right at it.  This may be the most important race in the series.
2. Sail fast in the right direction. 
3. Hopefully you had the right direction figured out before the start..
4. A clear lane if you can find it.
5. Avoid confrontations with other boats.  You are sailing the course now.
6. Hit the shifts and stay out of the corners.
7. Watch the folks ahead. They are probably going the right way.
8.  Downwind is the catch up leg. Look behind for zone of pressure.
9. You are trying to pass one boat at a time so stay away from little groups.
10.  It is eaier to pass the folks at the bottom of the fleet than at the top.
11. Now get back to practicing the starts.