Friday, August 28, 2009


Before we get back to winning races, regattas, the hearts and minds of all your friends, take a little time to sit down next to your boat and fix some stuff.

I had my sheet come apart after four years of use. Think about end for end it, maybe every year to make that expensive thing last longer. It wears at the ratchet block when two blocked. That will cut off ten feet of line and make it too short for light wind by the lee sailing.

We had some Atlas Gloves come apart in the middle of high wind race. They are cheap and good so buy two pair at a time and when they start to wear move to the next ones.

Take some time to look over the other lines at points of wear. Maybe the traveler at the fair leads and move the line or get a new line if it looks like it is starting to wear.

Ends of lines getting messed up? Whip or burn them.

Now get out and sail the boat. That is where you will get better--not reading blogs.

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