Sunday, August 30, 2009


If you are going upwind then get the vang off, close reaching with the top of the sail luffing. Sit out and enjoy the ride. What an old friend of mine called "a fisherman's reef". If you have knots in the vang line to keep the boom somewhat restricted, you might want to take some out. If you unhook the vang toggle in the boom you will be surprised how high the boom will rise on a reach.

Going down wind or on a broad reach consider getting the boom and sail out in front of the boat at a full luff, particularly if you are coming into a beach or dock without much room to head up and stop.

An alternative is to turn the boat down with the top mast in the water. Sit on the high side and balance the boat until the little storm blows by or the lightening stops.

If you are in a sheltered area or can get into one, you can unhook the clew, tighten the Cunningham and wrap the sail several times around the mast. If you take the top batten out you can wrap up quite a bit of the sail. You will need that extra 2 feet of emergency line to expend the outhaul.

Did I mention the "emergency line"? About 2 feet of 1/4 inch or 3/16 inch line wrapped and tided around the aft end of the hiking strap. It rides along to make emergency repairs like the hiking stick to the tiller.

Tomorrow, do you want more about high wind stuff, fleet building or sailing fast?

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