Monday, August 17, 2009


Second beat in a two-lap race.

The race has thinned out a lot now. Singles and groups. Now judgement comes into play.
What kind of a race is this? Club race, training regattas, national championship? And is the first or last in the series. Who are your competitors and who do you have to beat?

Have you been keeping score?

1) If you are leading, "sail the course" and a loose cover on the next guy unless you must beat him and no others, then tight cover.
2) If you are last then go to "dig out of the second row start" that was posted several days ago.
3) If you are somewhere in the middle, then "sail the course" and the "dig out of the second row start." Sail fast, hit the major shifts, a clear lane. Try to pick off the people ahead one or two at a time. You still have another down wind leg and short beat to the finish.

"Sail the course", what is that? Look for that tomorrow.

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