Saturday, August 15, 2009


My Self Coach Note was long and complex because there are a lot of things that you could be practicing if you want to get your boat handling to a higher level.

This is a note suggesting as short version to work from.

It helps to have a mark to take out in the Laser with you. I was going to tell you what to use for a mark, but this is to be a short note. Don’t use a big government mark that could bust up a Laser if you hit it.

The mark will be your starting mark to practice starts, your windward mark to practice windward rounding and your leeward mark for that mark rounding. If you sail at a place that does triangles or Z courses then it can be the gybe mark.

I throw out the mark. Ignore it and start with the tacks. As many as I can stand. Then I do gybes back down to about where I started. Then do it again till sick of the whole thing.
Now try to find that mark that you dropped off before all this started.

The "stop, stay and go" of the start may require the most practice. I have the most trouble with the leeward mark rounding and practice it most. Probably why in the races my starts are so bad and leeward roundings are better.

Then when you get tired of those start on 360, 720 or what ever you want to add from the long list or stuff that you want to practice.

What is you favorite practice routine?

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