Monday, November 9, 2009


Now this gal is showing us how to do it. Put your shoes up on the foredeck to hold the bow down. Are the shoes tied on so we can roll tack with loosing them. Must be. Just run down those marks that are not marks of the course. Weight forward. Good curve in sail and fast by the lee on starboard tack.
Now where was may help for the Women's Laser sailing. OK, no help. So now I am looking for a fleet captain for the Lady's Laser Fleet.
We need them to do the planning, recruiting, fostering, cruising, social, (and in our group you won't need to own a boat as we have some loaners), and join in with the regular races as desired.
We will have women's trophies, women masters, and all that stuff.
Do you think it will work? Maybe I will let you know.

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