Thursday, November 5, 2009


The picture is just practice to steal pictures from around the world. I put it here to sort of brighten up the view. Actually this is one of Martin Zonnenberg's pictures from the Lake Eustis SC web site, and used with out permission.

Today is the Goal Setting Guide.

1. Make the big list of all the stuff that you want to do. Take a couple of days if you need to, but then you can revise the whole thing tomorrow, so go it today.

2. Cut it down to 4 Goals. One each for these categories.

A. Wealth building or keeping.
B. Health
C. Relationships
D. Personal Growth

3. Convert each to annual or at least small chunks.

4. Make a weekly plan including each of the seven days.

5. Daily -- make you work list. Try to get it done while putting out the daily fires.

Under 2A you might sell the big boat.

2B Strength and weight control.

2C Helping with the fleet and youth sailing.

2D Maybe sail the Laser more??

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