Sunday, November 1, 2009


Yes, I did put trim stripes on the sail. I used the top mast as a straight end and drew them on with a magic marker.
Yes, it is easier to see the camber and where the draft is when you are playing with the controls.
Let me warn you that it is probably illegal-- particularly if you go faster after you put them on.
Anything in the rules that is allowed is allowed. If the rules don't say then it probably not allowed. If you do things that make you slow--nobody cares. If someone thinks this makes you faster then it will be illegal..
Probably no one will care, if I have them on-- we will see.
If you want to try it, put the strip on with plastic electrical tape and then when they protest you can peel it off.


  1. It's illegal whether it makes you faster or slower or has no effect on speed at all. I don't think we should knowingly break the rules, whether or not someone protests us for it.

  2. We are glad to have Tillerman come aboard. We often disagree with him, but he is certainly our Super Blogger..
    Now if you mark up a sail to see better how your controls work, but don't use it in the race is that breaking the rules anymore than having a coach or having a practice so you can sail better in the race ?
    Well, I enjoyed doing it and if you have trim stripes or not don't forget to LOOK UP AND CHECK THE DRAFT.

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