Monday, November 16, 2009


For another 100 dollars, you can all have a set of ball bearing sheet blocks from Harken. We like to support Harken they have made such great stuff before.

Because this old guy has trouble getting the boom out in light wind, I thought this was just the thing for me. They come with the rivets to put them on with. The line runs through them with great ease.

But let me warn you, in the higher winds they may take some getting used to. I have been sailing Laser for the last 8 years (more before that) and have gotten used to the amount to open my hand to ease the sail out in heavier winds. With the new blocks the sail just jerks the sheet from my hand now. I find that I am going from sheeted to tight to too loose. The boat wobbles from side to side. And don't let go of the sheet or it will really zip away.

I suggest that if you are planning some important races, you get the blocks early and put some time in with them in the heavier winds. The light winds will just be a delight.

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