Monday, November 2, 2009


A note from Robert Fulghum's "from Beginning to End" in the Coda (a goodbye chapter)... He talks to a champion juggler friend.

"What is the thing about being a really good juggler?"

"The truth is the hardest part are holding the balls just right, throwing them at a time in rhythm, not altering your breathing or inner adrenaline level -- also the expert would notice he had developed and learned a catch and release pattern of movements that includes missing the ball sometimes.
When you miss you don't get upset and quit.-- it is then that the champion juggler does not get upset and blow his cool or change his inner state.

The secret of Juggling is inner harmony and knowing how to let go."

Maybe if we really get "one with the Laser", there will be that Inner Harmony.

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  1. Absolutely right. I have had that feeling of "one with the Laser". Once. Some time in the early 90's I think.