Saturday, October 31, 2009


There has been some talk about Saving Sailing ---and I don’t know?

Friday evening, two old guys and two grandmothers, sailed four Lasers down to the Eustis Park that is on the water. It was a Halloween celebration there. We talked to people on shore, blasted around on the big puffs coming down the hill and through the trees. Awed by the double rainbow over the City (the people on shore couldn’t see it.) and then the Sun went down on the west shore in a mass of clouds that turned all colors and reflected in the lake. Great evening and we are going for a moon light sail this coming Tuesday night. Bring your flash light.

If you want to save sailing, get busy and do it!

Bring people out. You can do it.

You can even sail Lasers double in International races. Rule 7 a.

When I was sailing Lasers in Key West, we had a "how many people can a Laser hold" contest. It was about ten. Not very big people. They got on together. One from each side, very carefully. We stopped when there was no place for the next one to sit.

When we got off, one jumped first and the whole thing turned over. Two is plenty in the crew.

If you are determined to save sailing , buy one of those 100 foot boats and put 50 of your friends and neighbors on the rail to hold the thing down. Don’t forget the matching uniforms with the company logo on the pocket.

OR, you can take that money and start a community sailing program. Optis, Lasers, 420s, or J24s your choice. If your budget is pinched, get those Vanguard Pram copies of the Opti. They have solid floatation and you can use them for your women’s program and even adult racing.

When you are sharing boats, the old retired guys can sail during the week. In Eustis, Friday is Grandmother’s day. And you can bring grandchildren if you want. Five year old Alex steers and barks orders. Grandmother trims the sheet.

Share boats if you need to. One can sail in the Saturday races and the other in Sunday racing. OK, if we have four owners then Saturday morning races, Saturday afternoon racing , Sunday morning races and Sunday after noon racing.

Before we needed to "Save Sailing" , we built our own wood boats. Snipes, Lightning, Stars. Yes, I had a friend that built his own Star. The Snipes were 15 ½ feet long, so they could be built with the 16 foot planks that were standard at that time. I sailed at a place where the Lightning Fleet worked together and built three boats every winter for a few years. When they cut out a piece, they stacked up the wood and cut out three.

Build your own boat now... The Cape Cod Frosty doesn’t come in plastic. I built one. It can’t be too hard.. You end up sailing on your knees most of the time and that needs some practice.

Try the PD Racer (Puddle Duck Racer). They are easier to build and if you leave a little more freeboard, they will carry a lot.

The Lasers are sailing in 122 countries. Nobody ever did that before. (Well, maybe Optimist prams which are showing up all over.) If you don’t mind fiberglass, stick with the Laser.

The Optis had some international regatta in Europe a couple of years ago and 400+ boats came.

DON’T get depressed because all those folks that take sailing lessons don’t turn into Olympic sailors. I have a 50 year old friend that took SAILING 101 in college. He has been doing other stuff till now. He dusted off the rust and is racing with us. He bought two Lasers (one for his 19 year old son).

Check down below in the blog for LASERS FUNDAMENTAL RULE 2 REGATTA (Sorry it is a couple of pges back.) and our " First Annual World Championship Fundamental Rule 2 Regatta" complete with contestants pictures and THE RULES....

The Second Annual World Championship Fundamental Rule 2 Regatta will be coming up soon at Lake Eustis Sailing Club.

Come and join in. We will loan you a boat and find a life jacket for you in the lost and found. BUT READ THE RULES first. — strictly enforced by our international jury.

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