Sunday, October 4, 2009


Ben Tan's book on Laser sailing is the most complete. He covers more topics and branches out around Laser sailing. He covers more things that I don't understand than any of the others.

The last chapter in the book is the "yearly planning instrument" to bring together all the parts of your "get to sail better" stuff.

And he discusses targeting regattas and races and then working up to them with periods of training followed by recovery before the important races.

His signs of "over training"
1) Loss of motivation, fatigue, loss of appetite.
2) Sleep disturbances, insomnia.
3) Elevated heart rate.
4) Weight loss.
5) Increased susceptibility to injures.

These are not really important concept for most club racers. Points out the different world that full time Laser sailors live in. I don't know that I would call them "professional". Hard to get paid to sail a Laser.

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